The right gear is important

get the stuff that works for you

Our Paddle Guard protects the blade edge of your paddle. It fits all IDBF compliant dragon boat paddles.

besides our standard colors we can customize for events, sponsors, national teams

our STANDARD seat pad, IDBF compliant and with excellent cushioning

Always take it off from either long side

never pull it off the bench from the short sides - but from the long curved lip only!

Our RACER seat pad, IDBF compliant, excellent anti-slip properties

perfect fit on any dragon boat bench, no sliding back under you even during heavy paddle action

the wave lines on the surface provide solid grip, no matter what shorts you wear

five basic colors to choose from, other colors depend on quantity

Our Maxi-Pack team paddle bag - takes 22 dragon boat paddles or other stuff

any color, any logo, ready for check-in at airports

dragon boat theme T-Shirts, dry fit, top sublimation print that does not fade

design sample black