BuK Dragon Boats made in Germany

official IDBF supplier

BuK dragon boats from Germany represent the International Racing Standard of today.

BuK dragon boats are regarded the best in the market and enjoy popularity on all continents.

Sleek design, thought through components, excellent buoyancy, only professional marine sector materials in production.

Optional integrated coaching sound system which is a BuK  own development

All BuK dragon boats are fully approved by the IDBF (International Dragon Boat Federation).

BuK is an official IDBF supplier. Here are some international championships where BuK dragon boats were used:

  • 2015 IDBF World Championship Canada
  • 2010 IDBF World Championship Macau
  • 2007 IDBF World Championship Australia
  • 2005 ICF World Championship Germany
  • 2001 IDBF World Championship USA

Europe Championships in:

  • Poland
  • Czechia
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • and more

(not including the race organizers worldwide that use their own already existing BuK dragon boat fleet)

Ocean Five is proud to be the BuK agent in South-East Asia. We welcome any interested party to contact us for more information.