for clubs, teams, dragon boat associations, marinas, kayak, canoe and rowing centers

we design, produce and install to your requirements

Ocean Five double storage dragon boat system

double storage dragon boat rack system

one boat up and one boat down

Trolleys for dragon boats and outrigger canoes

for 12-crew and 22-crew dragon boats

for outrigger canoes

Racks for dragon boat paddles and canoe/kayak paddles

Racks for dragon boat paddles

dragon boat paddle rack

racks for canoe or kayak paddles

Racks for dragon boat pfd vests and other life vests

vests hang open to air and dry fast

double sided to take large number of vests

cabinets to store stuff

sizes and features as you request

Integrated rails to hang paddles

optional integrated rails for hanging paddles

covers to protect your dragon boat

protection from any weather

covers for outrigger canoes